Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello! I am Buddy! I am a yorkie-poo Maltese mix. I am a little over a year old. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with my mum and pop! I have a really good life here! I love my mommy and daddy! I am, I guess, what you would called Spoiled!!! I have everything I could ever ask for or need!
My dad got me for my mommy when I was 11 weeks old from some people who couldn't keep me any more an were going to take me to the pound. So you could say daddy rescued me! My mommy had just given away her dog Foxy due to personal reasons. She was so upset! That was the last thing she wanted to do! So daddy realized how sad and lonely she was so he started looking for a new companion for her. Then he came across me! It was love at first lick! So it was set! I went home with him!! He surprised mommy with me when she came home from work! She was so very happy!!!! And so was I cuz I had a new permanent home!!! It was a win win situation!!!

Mum feeds me the best food ever!! I am on a Raw diet!! It is the best diet!! I love all that raw protein! No by products, nothing unhealthy for me!! I have a nice soft coat and really white teeth with no tartar build-up!!! My favorite meat it Moose that my mom and pop get every fall!
I love going for car rides too!! I love the wind in my fur and all the different smells!
My mom and dad like to take me on boat rides too!! They are so much fun!! I like being able to sit on the bow and watch all the trees and things go by!!!!
Well, that is a little intro for me! I'll writ more later! Bye!!!