Friday, June 4, 2010

my day

Well, so far my day has gone great! Momma went and got internet at the doghouse! Yay!!! Now we can be on line more often on Dogster!! Whoo hoo!! Then we went to the dog park and I played with my friend Elroy the Great Dane. It was so much fun! I love goin there! Then we went to go see dad at his work! That was so kewl!! I love goin there and seeing all the planes!!

Now we are sitting at home watchin the Outdoor Channel! I love watching that!! I really like it when they are hunting! I go nuts when they shoot something! I think it is the best thing ever!!! Mom and dad think it is funny too! they like watching me go crazy when they shoot!! I bark and jump at the TV!

Well mom is getting my dinner ready now so I better get goin! I'll bark at ya later!! Bye!!!

~Buddy Boi